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Bill is an emeritus partner based in our Princeton, NJ, office and has over 50 years of professional accounting and financial experience. He is a licensed certified public accountant and a licensed school board accountant in the state of New Jersey. He specializes in providing services to privately-held companies, individuals, and the construction, health care, agricultural (including cooperatives) and cemetery industries.

Before joining Withum, Bill was the managing partner of Manual S. Newman & Company, a regional accounting firm located in West Trenton, NJ (joined with Withum in 2005).

Bill is active in his community and has served on the board of his synagogue, Adath Israel Congregation, for many years. The congregation recognized him for his services, naming him Man of the Year. Bill also served as financial advisor to Higher Ground Interdenominational Church and its development and received public recognition for his work. He has also served on the advisory board of United Jersey Bank, N.A. and Capital Systems and on the board of Greenwood House and Jewish Family Services.  He resides in Bucks County, PA.

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