For staffing and consulting firms, the state of the economy directly impacts your business, the clients you serve, and the talent you work with. Providing businesses with consulting services and human capital comes with many challenges outside of you performing your contracted engagements. You need a trusted advisor who can help you manage whatever comes next, be it tax law changes, enhancing remote workplaces, growth strategy or company valuations, and succession planning. Partnering with Withum allows you to bring the right tools and expertise on board to help you achieve your goals.

Withum’s Staffing and Consulting Businesses Team can offer solutions to enhance your business operations and regulatory compliance. You operate in an environment where people are your greatest asset – so tax laws around client and staff residency require strict compliance and monitoring. In remote work environments, the ability to place talent nearly anywhere and consult with businesses over video calls requires a dynamic, secure and collaborative work environment.

Streamlining operations and automating processes to enhance the digital workplace is paramount to keep productivity and efficiency high. And, with everyone running at max capacity to keep up with the pace of the modern business landscape, you might be looking for back-office support with accounting services, payroll processing or even CFO support services. No matter the challenges you’re facing, Withum is available to offer a solution and fill any gap in support you might experience in your staffing or consulting firm.

Staffing and Consulting Services

Staffing and Consulting Accounting Services

Who We Help

  • Staffing Firms
  • PEOs and HR Outsourcing Companies
  • Consulting Firms
  • IT Consulting Firms

Industry Involvement

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Nexus Considerations

Your clients span far and wide, operating in various locations outside of your state. Many tax nexus considerations arise when you’re serving companies across the country or even right across state lines. Keeping up on tax laws in the areas where your company operates is imperative to meeting all requirements and regulations.

business growth

Business Expansion

Strong talent and great company culture is a worthy investment. The acquisition is a popular method for expanding your business or assisting with the exit strategies of your top employees. You’ll want to be sure your staffing and consulting firm is valued appropriately and appealing for future deals.

digital solutions

Digital Transformation

Employees need the flexibility to operate remotely. Clients want their data kept safely and securely wherever it is accessed and stored. Your firm needs integrated, secure tools for effective collaboration.

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Focusing Your Talents

Your firm’s strengths lie within the talent of your employees. Your industry knows first-hand the importance of finding the right person for the job. When working with specialized accounting staff, outsourced accounting software and CFO support services, you get the back office support necessary to let you focus on what you do best.

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Increased Productivity

Businesses today move at a faster pace than ever. Completing routine tasks manually is time-consuming and diverts employees away from the projects that need their attention the most. Companies are turning to artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to accomplish more faster.

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