Form T-1 can be very daunting for unions to file; especially when due dates and expectations are unclear. Technology can be a huge help especially when unions are filing their Form T-1’s and can help assist in the modernization of your office and its members. Here are your first steps to determining how and when to fill out your form T-1 and how technology can be of help to your union.

Understanding What the Form T-1 is All About

If you have questions on who is required to file Form T-1, this video discusses the form and the entities that have to file along with frequently asked questions we have received from unions. We cover the general requirements of Form T-1 and how to gather the data needed to complete the form including how upgrading your current system can make such a difference not just for completing Form T-1 but also for running your union.

Using Technology to Fulfill Your Form T-1 Filing Obligation and Modernize Your Office

In this video, our labor team talks about rethinking how work gets done, the benefits of a modern ERP/accounting solution, and how your union can do more with less. Migrating from an old system to a new system gives you the data you need, when you need it, with on-demand reports that update in real-time so union leaders have the best information at their fingertips.

Making Sense of the Form T-1’s Implementation and Due Dates

In this video, our labor team goes over Form T-1 due dates, which can be very confusing and the need to prepare now for getting your arms around the data needed for the filing. We walk you through when you need to file and provide a few examples to help you better understand this complex area.

Cloud Technology: Keeping Everyone Connected

Working remote and collaborating still achievesproductivity. Watch this video to learn howcloudsoftwareenables accessibility, productivity andkeeps ittogether! 

Your Journey to the Cloud – How Do You Get There?

You’ve probably often wondered, is now the time to move to the cloud? Is it secure enough? The answer is yes! We have evolved from letters to faxes, to emails, to access from anywhere and any device. But every organization’s evolution is different and concerns about security and what steps to take can be real. In this video, we share tips and insights to ease your organization into the journey to the cloud.

How Can Unions Buck the Status Quo?

Now is the time to confront your outdated technology. In this video, we cover the importance of modernizing your systems to keep up with the changing workplace landscape.