To strengthen and support women in the financial services space, we created Withum’s Women in Financial Services Team. This initiative exists to enhance innovation, develop new relationships, create opportunities and strengthen the network and community of female executives.

As women leaders, it is our responsibility to create a path of opportunity for the upcoming generation of women in financial services. It starts with intentional actions to expand the lens of diversity within the financial services market. We can create an atmosphere full of excitement and opportunity for women through allyship and support that drives innovation, efficiency, and profitability.

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Withum’s Women in Financial Services Team brings together female business leaders and thriving young women through networking events, women-focused roundtables and seminars, happy hours and unique dining experiences. The group serves as a platform to mentor, learn and grow from like-minded successful women in financial services. Our conversations focus on topics and business challenges that affect women leaders, including launching funds and raising capital, navigating regulatory compliance and creating opportunities to close the gender gap in financial services.

In the dynamic business landscape of private equity, venture capital, SPACs, hedge funds and cryptocurrency, Withum’s Women in Financial Services Team offers a wealth of knowledge and experience in the dynamic business landscape. Let us be the catalyst to help drive your company’s growth and success by delivering the advisory, tax and assurance services you need all supported by a relationship you deserve.

During a roundtable discussion, Withum partner Amanda McKenna collaborates with three other influential industry leaders to offer invaluable insights on broadening the talent and opportunity pipeline for women in the dynamic field of private equity. With a wealth of experience and a commitment to fostering diversity and inclusivity, these experts offer practical strategies and thought-provoking advice that promises to shape a more inclusive future for women in the field.

Withum’s Women in Financial Services Team Stories

Paving the Road to Leadership and Making Opportunity Happen

In line with Withum’s entrepreneurial culture, I have been afforded the opportunity to develop and lead our tax practice. Part of that development has been focused on finding ways to empower and support our women team members to build and expand their own network as they grow into the next generation of leaders.

As a financial services tax practice leader, I am always mindful of the example that I set for our future leaders. It is important to pave the way for them to develop their networks and leadership skills by bringing them along through the various stages of their careers.

Creating New Opportunities in Financial Services

Building a community of women in business not only elevates our women here at Withum, it also enhances opportunities and connections for our clients. Bringing women leaders together from synergistic industries as well as female service providers such as VC/PE admin groups and attorneys, enables our clients to broaden their networks, build partnerships and to help one another through empowering conversations.

New opportunities are created through these connections as women provide guidance, mentorship, and open doors for each other.

Challenges and Finding the Right Solutions

When I am looking for the right solutions to challenges, I often find myself turning to my team and thinking about innovation. At Withum, we are a forward-thinking firm with teams of diverse individuals from all different backgrounds. My team inspires me to think differently and to approach challenges from a new perspective.

I find being open to change through innovation and embracing new ideas is the best way to develop solutions.

Seeking Change in the Industry

The Financial Services Group at Withum allows me to focus my career in something I really enjoy and has given me the flexibility to also raise a family. I started my career as a generalist where I worked in various industries. As I progressed, I really enjoyed working in the financial services industry. I enjoy working on private equity and venture capital funds and learning about their portfolio companies and/or their real estate investments. I always found it interesting to see these companies grow from raising their Series A rounds to finding their perfect exit strategy.

Growing in the Industry

Being a young woman in the financial services industry, I was expecting to feel like a complete outsider. When I first joined the Financial Services Group, I was afraid, but now to see strong women around me as some of our top leaders, it’s amazing! I even hear about certain clients that specially request women on their team. As for the future of financial services, I think alternative investments work is constantly growing and this season I saw that firsthand. I look forward to continuing seeing the growing industry of alternative investments and more women coming into the industry and taking part in those leadership positions.

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