SharePoint Solutions for Enterprise Collaboration

Good enterprise collaboration and communication tools are essential in the digital workplace. Platforms like SharePoint and SharePoint Online allow organizations and their employees to share information effectively and co-author documents with team members, regardless of geographical location.

When people are working together on Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents, for example, additional enterprise collaboration capabilities may include document tracking and version control, as well as linking collaboration conversations to the documents themselves.

At Withum, we specialize in turning your company’s intranet into a highly collaborative environment that supports knowledge sharing and makes it easy to retain your content.

Strategy and planning are critical to successful collaboration. Ensuring that the collaboration environment is sustainable and continues to meet the organization’s needs is often a challenge. We help to put the right policies, structures and processes in place to establish a productive, thriving digital workplace.

Balancing Security and Collaboration Requirements

Taking an open, simple approach to security tends to make corporate intranets easier to maintain and encourages collaboration. We’ll help you get the most from enterprise collaboration tools by choosing governance strategies that keep your system as open as possible while ensuring critical business functions are secure.

An open system still requires careful planning and strategy, or you’re likely to produce security risks and counterproductive content sprawl. Instead of allowing every user to create new SharePoint sites, for example, you might want to carefully delegate that type of responsibility to people who have been trained and understand where and how to build new sites and libraries.

SharePoint Collaboration Champions

Collaboration, social and mobile tools all need champions within an organization to encourage user adoption and help integrate these technologies into the digital workplace. Ideally, these champions also work with IT and business users to define usage policies and provide administrative support that drives collaboration in your organization.