Is your organization FLSA compliant under the Department of Labor?

With healthcare regulations constantly changing, it is vital to assess your risk under the Fair Labor Standards Act to ensure overtime pay for hourly or nonexempt employees is in compliance.

FLSA overtime lawsuits are on the rise and the top 10 settlements totaled approximately $180 million in 2017 related primarily to unpaid overtime and other areas such as unpaid wages, missed meal and rest breaks, off the clockwork, work without pay and minimum wage violation. The 2018 wage and hour class action private settlements totaled $253 million and included many of the same areas.

Withum’s experienced healthcare advisors will perform a FLSA Compliance Risk Checkup to guarantee the calculation of hours worked and the rate of pay is consistent with the FLSA guidelines for the calculation of overtime.

Is it time for a FLSA Compliance Risk Checkup?

Take this assessment to see if you’re at risk
  • Does your organization employ hourly or nonexempt employees who are overtime-eligible?
  • Has your organization been a part of a merger or acquisition within the last five years?
  • Are you concerned with potential Department of Labor penalties and fines related to time/attendance, payroll system rules and processes not compliant with FLSA overtime requirements including but not limited to:
    • Rate of Pay (shift differential or non-discretionary bonuses)
    • Work Hours (Breaks, on-call, training, meetings/conferences)
  • Are you lacking a formal process to monitor compliance with FLSA overtime requirements?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, fill in the form and let’s start our conversations!

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