An interesting, insightful and growing service is the Withum Two Day Diagnostic program which is a thorough analysis of a client’s organization or a specific area of concern.

Many owners and managers do excellent jobs but occasionally get too involved in the myriad daily activities that pull them away from looking at their business as the substantial force it is with the responsibility of providing for all of its stakeholders. This service has been developed to provide our findings as a catalyst for growth and success and shares information that could lead to valuable business transformation and to set forth a plan of next steps for clients.

In particular, the Two Day Diagnostic does and provides some of the following:

  • Examines the business or entity through a series of interviews and probing questions focused on risk, controls, operations, strategy, and innovation.
  • Can consider broader entity-wide operations and strategy or could focus on a particular challenge or concern.
  • Aims to align organizational goals and objectives with the execution of day-to-day activities.
  • Considers impacts related to culture, organizational behavior, and communication.
  • Examines root causes with no preconceived assumptions.
  • Provides an independent perspective.
  • Looks for opportunities for collaborative solutions and interactions.
  • We look to “package” the overwhelming into a manageable path forward with clear action steps.
  • We suggest metrics that drive outcomes that enable leadership to measure progress.
  • Suggests ways to facilitate enhanced communication.
  • Aligns activity with investment and longer-term vision.
  • Our interviews with key personnel will help identify potential challenges related to people, process, technology, and data.
  • Opportunities for improvement will be documented and will develop primary recommendations for the next steps.

The Two Day Diagnostic can be performed company-wide, or for a separate area or department. This can include organizational structure, sales, and marketing, web-based commerce, customer service, accounting, warehouse and logistics including inventory management, overall controls, technology, risk, strategy or opportunities to innovate, outside the box thinking and embracing change. It can also be performed for not-for-profit organizations.

This service has been performed for all types of organizations with amazing success and you are welcome to reach out to us for a free consultation. You can contact our lead advisors for this service Meghan Watson at [email protected] or Joe Riccie at [email protected] or as always you can contact me at [email protected] and I will set up the meeting for you.

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