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Ed is an emeritus partner in our firm’s East Brunswick, NJ, office and has over 40 years of public accounting experience. Ed is also admitted to practice before the United States Tax Court and has testified as an expert witness in federal and state court regarding business valuations.

In addition, Ed was a founding partner of Mendlowitz Weitsen, LLP, CPAs, which joined with Withum in 2005. Currently, he serves on the NYSSCPA Estate Planning Committee, and was chairman of the committee that planned the NYSSCPA’s 100th Anniversary. The author of 16 books, Ed has also written hundreds of articles for business and professional journals and newsletters. He is the contributing editor to the Practitioners Publishing Company’s 1998/1999 706/709 Deskbook, and the AICPA 2004 edition of the Management of an Accounting Practice Handbook and is on the editorial board of Bottom Line/Personal and Tax Hotline financial newsletters. Appearing regularly on television news programs, Ed has also been quoted in numerous major newspapers and periodicals in the United States.

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Ed is a frequent speaker to many professional and business groups, including the AICPA, NJSCPA, NYSSCPA, American Management Association, the National Committee for Monetary Reform, University of Medicine and Dentistry in NJ and many more. For 11 years, he taught courses on financial analysis, corporate financial policy and theory, monetary and fiscal policy and managerial accounting.

Awards and Accolades

He is the recipient of the Lawler Award for the best article published during 2001 in the Journal of Accountancy.

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