On-Demand Webinar: Healthcare Industry Tax Update 2023


Withum’s Healthcare Services Team discuss the 2023 Healthcare Industry Tax Updates.

This session will provide an update on current Federal tax matters, including the employee retention tax credit, clean energy tax credits, other IRS tax initiatives, and also Schedule H community benefit information applicable to tax-exempt hospitals while offering best practices and practical recommendations for integrated healthcare delivery systems, hospitals, and other healthcare organizations.

Viewers Will Learn About

  1. Assess Employee Retention Tax Credit (“ERC”) opportunities and also pending refund claims; IRS audits of ERC refund claims and general eligibility; aggregation and other rules and criteria for employers.
  2. List and categorize potential Clean Energy Refundable Tax Credits and other opportunities for healthcare organizations as a result of the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022.
  3. Report on current Federal tax matters and IRS initiatives; including:
    • Employment Tax
    • Choice of entity
    • Joint venture planning, including FMV and UBI considerations; and
    • Reasonable compensation and the rebuttable presumption of reasonableness.
  4. Categorize Form 990 community benefit tax-exempt hospital Schedule H updates, emerging trends, and new developments, and compare Schedule H community benefit benchmarking information.

Meet Our Experts

Scott J. Mariani


Whippany, NJ

Matthew Walsh


Princeton, NJ - Corporate Headquarters

Lynn M. Mucenski-Keck


New York, NY

Hayley Stout

CPA, Senior Manager - Withum

Bill Hemmer

CPA, Senior Tax Accountant - Withum