Guide: How to Build a Social Intranet That Boosts Workplace Collaboration

Ready To Transform The Way Your Company Works? Learn How To Boost Workplace Collaboration With A Social Intranet

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If your organization is like most today, the amount of internal and external content you produce just keeps growing. As it grows, it’s more important than ever to have platforms and processes in place that facilitate collaboration, capture institutional knowledge and help people to quickly find the content and answers they need to do their work.

A social intranet is the latest evolution in virtual collaboration, and a great solution to these common business problems. It combines the traditional functions of a company intranet with enterprise social capabilities to create a seamless collaboration environment.

Our new white paper, How To Build A Social Intranet That Boosts Workplace Collaboration And Employee Engagement, shows you how to use this technology to improve transparency and content findability, increase efficiency and control costs.

You’ll Learn:

  • What makes a social intranet more effective than traditional platforms
  • Five benefits of adopting a social intranet, from cost savings to reducing risk
  • How to decide whether social is a good fit for your users and business needs

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