Executive Summary

Learnhow Withum leveraged AI-driven resume scraping and private hosting to increase efficiency, data security and even cost reduction for a client’sgovernment recruiting process.

About the Client

A large US-based professional services firm specializing in government project recruitment.

The Challenge

The client faced significant challenges in efficiently processing and analyzing a large volume of resumes for candidates seeking positions requiring highsecurity clearances and specialized qualifications. The client needed to streamline their recruiting process, reduce manual data entry and ensure data security, especially when dealing with sensitive government projects. The firm also sought to implement private hosting to maintain control over the proprietary data within their enterprise and incorporate cutting-edge AI technologies like Large Language Models (“LLMs”), one commonly known example of which is the very popular OpenAI ChatGPT” service.

The Solution

To address these challenges, the professional services firm embarked on a project with Withum leveraging advanced AI and data scraping techniques.

The firm employed AI-driven Natural Language Processing (“NLP”) tools trained on the text summarization, classification and extraction tasks. Specifically, a commercially available LLM was finetuned on the private resume dataset to systematically extract essential information from resumes. These advanced tools autonomously identified and retrieved crucial details, encompassing candidate names, contact details, educational histories, work experiences, pertinent certifications, security clearances, licenses, training records, health and safety certifications, and references. Subsequently, this data underwent an approval process to ensure that only potentially relevant candidates were selected to staff projects.

Private hosting solutions were employed to ensure that all scraped data remained within the enterprise’s secure environment. Stringent data access controls, encryption protocols, and compliance measures were implemented to safeguard sensitive candidate information.


The implementation of AI-powered resume summarization technology and private hosting solutions led to several positive outcomes for the professional services firm:

  • The firm significantly reduced the time and effort required for candidate screening and selection. Manual extraction of data from resumes was virtually eliminated, allowing recruiters to focus on more strategic tasks
  • AI-based extraction minimized manual entry and improved time to close on a number of prepared and submitted forms.
  • With data remaining within the enterprise’s controlled environment, the firm mitigated the risk of improper and unauthorized data disclosure and maintained compliance with stringent security requirements, crucial for government projects.
  • The technology could be easily scaled to handle larger volumes of resumes, making it suitable for projects with diverse recruitment needs.

Initially designed for resume analysis, this technology exhibits versatility by seamlessly extending its capabilities to automate the population of government Contract Data Requirements List (CDRL) documents. This expansion serves to further diminish the necessity for manual extraction of data from resumes, promising substantial time and resource savings in future endeavors.

By harnessing AI-driven resume scraping and private hosting, Withum successfully addressed the client’s issues and achieved remarkable efficiency gains, data security enhancements, and cost reductions in their government project recruitment process. This use case demonstrates the power of cutting-edge technology in revolutionizing traditional recruiting methods while maintaining data integrity and security.

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