Case Study: Enhancing Financial Management – Sporting Goods Manufacturer’s Digital Transformation with NetSuite ERP

Executive Summary

A custom uniform sporting goods manufacturer sought to optimize its operations by implementing NetSuite.

Withum’s CRM and ERP Consulting Services team collaborated with the client to maximize NetSuite’s capabilities, streamline processes and enhance efficiencies.

The Client

The New Jersey-based, family-owned company manufactures locally to support youth soccer and sports programs.

Their primary customer base is soccer teams and clubs on the East Coast. While the client operates a dual sales approach through e-commerce and brick-and-mortar stores, most revenues are derived from their online sales channel. Recognizing the growing importance of e-commerce in their industry, the client has strategically shifted their focus towards their digital platform.

The Challenge

The client was using multiple disconnected systems to run their finance and operations. A custom-built order management tool that facilitates the sales transaction between the company and its customers was disconnected.

This made tying out orders from various sources (i.e. parents, family members, donors, soccer clubs, teams and players) complex and challenging. They must create custom records for these people and associate them with the correct club, player, number and shipping address. The lack of integration and streamlined operations prevents the company from having real-time, trustworthy data to support actionable decisions.

The Approach and Solution

The sports manufacturer recognized that it was time to consider implementing a modern ERP solution to better manage their operations, including order entry/sales and finance. The business system platform is intended to automate and standardize business processes, provide financial controls and improve operational excellence, simplifying the club, team and player transactions.

The client was considering implementing NetSuite to manage their operations and retained Withum to assist them with the ERP design and implementation. The Withum team recommended the implementation of NetSuite ERP as a comprehensive solution to oversee the client’s operations, encompassing critical areas such as order entry, sales and financial management. This would allow the automation and standardization of essential business processes, robust financial controls and enhanced operational oversight through the platform’s native functionality. This strategic move was poised to empower the client with the tools needed to resolve their existing challenges and position themselves for sustainable growth and operational excellence in a competitive market.

Withum’s implementation methodology represents a strategic blend of the best features from the waterfall approach and an agile framework, creating a practical approach for the client’s project. The project was meticulously structured into two distinct phases: the NetSuite global design phase and the NetSuite implementation phase.

NetSuite Global Design Phase: In the initial design phase, the primary focus was an in-depth analysis and the design of business processes that could be seamlessly integrated with NetSuite’s comprehensive business system solution. This phase included the essential step of generating a summary of requirements and global design, setting the foundation for the subsequent implementation.

NetSuite Implementation Phase: The implementation phase was subdivided into three stages, each serving a specific purpose. First, the configuration stage involved NetSuite’s setup according to the global design’s specifications. This was followed by the validation stage, where rigorous testing using developed test use cases was carried out to ensure system readiness. Additionally, customizations were identified and proposed, tailored to the client’s specific needs. Notable customizations included B2B customization email notifications, which enhanced team operations, system access management for clubs and teams and real-time communication of sales order statuses.

In preparation for the system’s handover after going live, Withum provided valuable support through a “Train the Trainer” program and conducted a comprehensive boardroom pilot end-to-end walkthrough of the ERP system. This initiative was crucial in equipping the client’s team with the necessary skills and knowledge to support the product independently. A dedicated focus on quality management and consistent project management updates ensured that the project’s status, issues, risks and financial aspects were continuously monitored and reported.

The Results, ROI

Withum’s ERP team supported the critical data migration process, seamlessly transitioning source data into the NetSuite ERP platform.

Additionally, comprehensive end-user training sessions were conducted to ensure that the client’s team was proficient in operating the new system, setting the stage for a successful implementation and continued operational excellence.

The comprehensive NetSuite implementation undertaken by Withum brought forth a multitude of transformative outcomes for the client, aligned with their overarching objectives. The implementation successfully positioned the company for robust growth and expansion, providing a scalable framework to accommodate increased demands. Additionally, the project made significant strides in enhancing financial management, enabling more precise control and strategic planning. Operational effectiveness and efficiency were substantially optimized, streamlining various business processes. By transitioning to a more integrated cloud software solution like NetSuite ERP, the client was poised to minimize vulnerabilities and enhance data security.

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Frost & Sullivan 2024 Global Company of the Year Award

Oracle NetSuite has been awarded Frost & Sullivan’s 2024 Global Company of the Year Award for Leading Innovation in Cloud Business Management Solutions. This recognition underscores NetSuite's unmatched technology and its pioneering role in the cloud ERP industry.