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Withum’s Viva Minute – A Video Series Helping Organizations Leverage Microsoft 365’s Integrated Employee Experience Platform

Introducing our newest video series – Withum’s Viva Minute!

Microsoft’s Viva is an accessible, functional and integrated employee experience platform built within Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams that gives your organization support, connections, insights, education and more using your existing infrastructure. Microsoft MVP Jeff Willinger and modern workplace specialist Rachel Berkey are all about this dynamic and empowering application suite that can help work get done anywhere.

In this video series, learn about Microsoft Viva fundamentals, tips and insights and uncover the power of Viva Connections, Engage, Insights, Topics, Learning and Goals! We can’t wait to show you what Viva can do.

Microsoft Viva – Employee Experience Built for Everyone

In this first Viva Minute, Jeff and Rachel introduce Microsoft Viva and why it’s considered the ultimate communication and engagement hub. The best part? It’s integrated into what you are already using.

Improve Customer Relationships and Employee Engagement With Viva

Jeff and Rachel are here to talk about four of their favorite tools in the Viva toolkit, AKA “the fantastic four.”

Information How and When You Need It!

Now that you know more about what Microsoft Viva is capable us, Jeff and Rachel show you how to get intel that will help organizations improve productivity, well-being and engagement with data-driven insights and recommendations. What could be better than that?

Make Withum your one-stop shop for all things Microsoft Viva, and check out our master page of Microsoft Viva solutions!

Viva Minute Videos on Withum’s Cloud and Transformation and Technology Hub

Jeff and Rachel can’t wait to share their knowledge, so look out for monthly videos on social media or subscribe to Withum’s Cloud Transformation and Technology Hub on YouTube.

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