Withum Welcomes Travis Loomis

Withum is excited to announce that Travis Loomis will join the Firm to spearhead Operations and Supply Chain Consulting, a new service under Transaction Advisory.

With over 10 years of experience in supply chain and M&A consulting, Travis specializes in operations strategy, process design and improvement, supply chain optimization, merger integration management, and data analytics. He will work with clients to build and sustain strategic competitive advantages and drive bottom-line benefits informed by candid communication and data-driven insights

We’re excited to have Travis come in and lead this new service group. He understands the importance of creating value throughout a company’s life cycle and thinking client-centrically to put our clients in a position of strength.

Steven E. Brady
Partner and Market Leader for Transaction Advisory.

Travis brings to Withum a history of industry and consulting experience in both plant operations and corporate offices, allowing him to recommend thoughtful and pragmatic improvement plans, and lead change during integration activities to promote buy-in throughout the organization.

About Operations and Supply Chain Consulting

Withum’s Operations and Supply Chain Consulting practice provides solutions and consulting services to support organizations’ operations diligence, performance improvement, and supply chain deficiencies.

With expertise in various disciplines covering operations diligence in the M&A world, transaction advisory M&A, post-sale support strategies and supply chain consulting, Withum works to identify business assessments to solve your industry-specific needs by analyzing current performance, EBITDA potential, and integration efforts to obtain a higher ROI and impactful output.