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Sixth Anniversary of Partners-Network Blog

Sixth Anniversary of Partners-Network Blog

The Partners-Network blog started Feb 8, 2012 and this is the 624th twice a week blog posted since then. All of the postings can be accessed in the archives shown to the right of this site.

I regularly refer to my prior blogs. A problem is that they are not tagged with topics, but I have a single Word® file with all the blogs so I can search them using key words and it usually works, but not always. I also sorted them into categories making it a little easier, but there are far too many to be able to maneuver quickly through them. I am not complaining, I am proud of the vast volume and wide range of the content and topics covered.

I like what I write and occasionally I get an idea to comment on something and a search shows I’ve already covered it and in a way that I don’t need to embellish or add to it; and I occasionally repost them to social media.

Writing the blogs is a multipart process. I need the idea of the subject matter. I then write what I want to say as a quick draft. Next is to research any facts or additional information that can be included. And finally I edit it, and edit it and edit it. That usually takes longer than the first draft. I try to make it tight without unnecessary verbiage. I want to convey my thoughts and ideas in a way that provokes ideas from readers while not boring anyone and having them wish they did not get started reading it. The final step is sending it to Matt Basilo, Withum’s interactive marketing manager who schedules the postings, usually for the middle of the night so it is there when you log on in the morning.

If I had unlimited time I would organize the blogs and possibly get a few books out of it. However, that is something that for now will not get done. I have a fantasy that I would put all my investing and financial planning blogs together into an e-book, spend some serious money promoting it, and then sell a million e-books netting $5.00 per book. In all modesty, I believe my advice and information is better than any that I have read in the so-called experts’ books. Hmm, maybe I will find the time to get this done.

In the meanwhile, you are welcome to search the archives or email me asking for the dates of blogs on topics covering your area of interest.

For more information on the purpose of these blogs and what I am trying to accomplish, you can read the first blog and the prior anniversary blogs.

Thank you for reading the blogs, and I welcome your comments.

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