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Questions and Answers from Our Webinar: A Demo of Microsoft Teams

Microsoft MVPs Melissa Hubbard and Matthew Bailey hosted a great webinar, A Demo of Microsoft Teams, and got many questions and great feedback during the session.  We needed more than just 60 minutes to cover it all. In this post, they rounded up the questions and answered them for you.

Missed the live webinar? View the recording here.

Here’s what Melissa and Matthew had to say:

How do you share your screen in Microsoft Teams?

While in a call or meeting in Teams, hover your mouse in the screen for you to turn on your video camera, mute yourself, share your screen, record, and hang up. You have the ability to share your whole desktop or just one window open on your screen.

Is Teams just a new frontend for SharePoint?

SharePoint is an important component of Microsoft Teams. However, Skype for Business, Skype, Office 365 Groups, Bing, Stream, Azure, the Microsoft Bot Framework, chat service and Exchange functionality are also part of the Microsoft Teams framework. Additionally, other Office 365 applications and even third party services can be connected to Teams in order to provide that one stop shop workplace application. The files in Microsoft Teams live in a SharePoint document library; you can connect SharePoint lists and libraries in tabs. The integration between SharePoint and Teams is expected to increase as features get released.

Am I allowed to do changes on a corresponding SharePoint Site Collection?

Yes, the SharePoint site collection can be used. However, caution should be taken in making dramatic changes to settings as Microsoft has configured the site collection permissions and features in a different way than a traditional team site.

Can I connect Teams to SharePoint On-Premises or integrate it somehow?

You can connect an on-premises SharePoint site to a team by adding a tab, choosing website, and then entering in the URL.

Can people outside our organization (i.e., customers, contractors) interact with us using Teams?  Do they need a license?

Yes, people from outside your organization can be added to a team if it is enabled by the Office 365 Administrator. They do not need a purchased licensed. After they have been added they will appear with the status of Guest in the Users section of the Office 365 administration portal.

Does the meeting created within the channel also show up on your Outlook calendar?

Yes, everyone on the team will get a meeting added to their Outlook calendar.

How would project managers that are used to Microsoft Project use Teams? Is there a plan for an MS Project app?

Currently there is not integration with Microsoft Project, but there is Planner which is a lightweight task management tool. According to Microsoft’s User Voice they are reviewing whether to integrate Project.

Can you have Yammer within a team as a discussion forum?

There is a Yammer connector in Microsoft which allows Yammer and Microsoft Teams to connect so that Yammer posts will be sent to a conversation in a channel. You can choose whether to get notifications for just announcements, new discussion messages, or both.

What is the difference between chat on the left navigation bar and conservations inside the team?

Chat provides similar functionality as Skype for Business. These are private messages between two or more people (individual and group chat). Conversations are for everyone in the team to communicate and share content.

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