On-Demand Webinar: Tools for Your Microsoft 365 Adoption Journey

In 2020, many companies acknowledged it was time for digital transformation to support their staff in their new remote work style. While you may have been busy setting your staff up with the right technology, it’s important to now shift focus to the adoption journey of your digital transformation.

While your IT team has access to tools that are available within Microsoft 365, decision makers are often unaware of them. This session, hosted by Withum’s Lamia Msadek, helps open those doors and lets you know what you can see so you stay up to date, measure and monitor adoption.

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View this on-demand webinar to learn about these Microsoft 365 assets:

  • Productivity Score: monitor the usage of the platform and how well the organization leverages the capabilities of the platform to drive better productivity and efficiency.
  • Usage Reporting: how specific Microsoft 365 services are being used.
  • Messaging Center and Roadmap: High-level overview of planned changes in your Microsoft 365 environment and how it may affect your users and links out to more detailed information to help you prepare.

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