NetSuite will begin the upgrade roll out beginning March 16, 2023. The specific date for your scheduled upgrade can be found in the “New Release” portlet in your NetSuite dashboard.

What Is a NetSuite New Release Feature?

Twice a year, NetSuite releases scheduled updates that enhance the functionality of the ERP platform. This may include enhancements to existing features or the addition of new functionalities, which affects all NetSuite users. As such, it is important that you request the Release Preview account (a copy of your production account) to test and verify all your critical processes to ensure that this works as expected in the new release version.

Here’s how you can prepare your company to take advantage of the latest release:

  1. Take a look at 9 Key Features of NetSuite 2023 Release 1 and official release notes here.
  2. Request your release preview account (see instructions below).
  3. Contact the Withum team with any questions or concerns that may arise in your review process. We can also help to optimize and streamline your business processes to incorporate the newly released features.
  1. Make sure your NetSuite Administrator (or any user with the admin role) has opted in to the Release Preview. (Go to Setup > Company > Release preview)
  2. Request a Release Preview account with your desired production or specific sandbox account.
  3. You can access your Release Preview account from the same URL as your production account.
  4. When you log in to NetSuite, select Release Preview from either the Change Roles list or My Roles page to access the Release Preview account.

Some of the highlights of this release include:

  • Smart Financials and Operational Excellence - vendor bills can now be emailed directly to NetSuite, saving time and minimizing errors. The SuiteApp also allow business to automate rebate and trade promotions calculations on kits and assembly items.
  • Optimize Warehouse Operations – equips warehouse workers with mobile packing and shipping capabilities. This release includes real-time updates and alerts in NetSuite WMS to drive operational efficiency.
  • Fixed Asset Management Enhancements – some key enhancements have been included in this module with this release. This release introduces two additional rental frequency options for lease – Quarterly and Semiannually. The Asset Split feature now enables you to split assets into multiple records in one transaction.

Do you have any questions or concerns regarding the new release? Look out for additional communications to be released by the Withum team to help guide you through your upgrade process.

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