Case Study: How We Used a Multiphase Approach to Identify Technological Gaps and Deliver an Innovative IT Solution

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About the Client
A national, non-profit, sports governing association headquartered in Florida with 3.5 million participants.

In another project with this client, we conducted our 2-Day Diagnostic where a board retreat was used to develop a “game-changing” IT strategy that aligned our client’s technological needs with their goals for sustainable growth. After the strategy was agreed upon by c-level leadership, we entered stage two of our partner engagement — developing a robust and innovative IT solution through our multiphase approach.

The Challenge
The client, a national, nonprofit, sports governing association, was working in a heavily customized solution that made it very difficult to update and improve. They were facing multiple financial and operational challenges related to their technology systems and were ready to move to a more modern platform. Several of the specific issues they were experiencing included:

  • Vulnerability to unnecessary risks because of poor IT Structure
  • Lack of scalable business continuity and IT strategy planning
  • Numerous antiquated and legacy technologies and systems
  • Nonexistent basic productivity tools
  • Dramatic increase in end-user complaints

After unsuccessfully embarking in two incomplete engagements with previous partners, they reached out to Withum for a fresh approach.

Withum Value

In order to create an effective IT solution that would meet all of the client’s challenges, we tackled the project using a multi-phased approach. Each phase took approximately 1-2 weeks to complete.

Phase 1: Determine the Current State

During the current state analysis, we conducted a thorough review of all IT documentation, and the workflows being used to navigate around day-to-day challenges. We also conducted board workshops for their Finance, Operations and IT departments. Through these activities, we were able to investigate and identify the causes of key pain points and bottlenecks within the current environment.

Phase 2: Align on the Future State

During phase two we solidified time, effort, and cost specifics around short, medium and long-term goals. We also outlined competing company initiatives and dependencies to further understand the best implementation approach to take. We then reviewed the current state, and aligned with leadership to finalize the short-term rollout plan for system stabilization.

Phase 3: Design a Technology Roadmap

Once phases one and two were complete, we put together an Opportunities for Improvement roadmap that we delivered for

final approval. The technology roadmap included:

  • Potential solution options and recommendations for key gaps and pain points
  • A review of high-level Time/Cost/Effort estimates for potential solution options
  • A timeline of events coupled with a high-level project plan

Learn more about Withum’s Technology Roadmap approach here.

The Results

Our multiphase approach resulted in three primary deliverables that are being used as a foundation for the implementation and adoption stages of our engagement.

Phase 1 Deliverable: The Current State Assessment

A high-level summary based on documentation, workshops, and interviews that includes:

  • Process and system maps review
  • Pain points/bottlenecks segmented by process area
  • The causes of key pain points/bottleneck

Phase 2 Deliverable: Time/Effort/Cost Estimates

A deliverable targeted towards IT environment stabilization which includes:

  • Workshops to review and develop stabilization options
  • Research to establish key processes and systems
  • Defining data and content needs and how to approach migration
  • A review of Time/Cost/Effort estimates

Phase 3 Deliverable: Opportunities for Improvement Roadmap

  • Solution options for key gaps for current environment pain points
  • An outline of immediate (<30 days), medium (30-90 days), and long-term (90+ days) actions
  • An outline of the sequencing of deployment activities

Are you looking to modernize your organization, but aren’t sure what technical solutions you need to combat organization challenges? We’ve got you covered. Schedule a consultation online, or give us a call at (646) 604 4193 to discuss diagnostic and roadmap options today.

While we are grateful for our client to serve as a reference, we also have agreed to not publicize metrics that drove decisions and investments. If you’d like more details, contact Wally Merkas at [email protected].

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