Blog Half-Year Anniversary

Six months have passed since my first blog post.  I believe the blogs remained true to the original premi se stated in the first posting.  Many misconceptions that have become mainstream beliefs have been dispelled.  I also offered some best practices, general tips and have called attention to interesting things I thought you would enjoy knowing… and had fun doing it!


When I started, I did not know if I would be able to write a fresh blog every week.  I soon had so many ideas gushing forward that I noticed I was posting twice a week.  This seemed limiting, but Sarah Cirelli, our social media specialist (and guardian of my blogs), told me that twice a week is a good rate and I should keep it at that.


Many people also feed me ideas and I appreciate that. I tried to limit the blogs to the length of the Gettysburg Address and believe more than half have not exceeded that length.  It takes as much effort to make the blog short and tight as it does to write the first draft, but it has been an enjoyable process for me!


I find the blogs a valuable creative expression and encourage others to start their own blogs.  With that said, I welcome any calls for assistance.


From a business view, it has become an important tool.  Clients have been pointed to specific blogs that express my thoughts on matters that may concern them making consultations more efficient and productive.


Thank you for reading and I look forward to providing many more posts.


P.S. I have assembled all 52 blogs to date in a single file – it you want it, email me ([email protected]) and they will be emailed to you.

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