During our Power Minute video series, my colleague Jeff Willinger and I have spent the last few months making a case for Power Platform as a fantastic Microsoft modern workplace tool for organizations of all sizes to unleash the innovation potential within their teams.

Whether you’re already convinced that low-code/no-code with the Power Platform is part of your organization’s future, or the Power Minute helped you get ready to make that decision, your next step is deciding whether or not you need help to get going. So let me give you three points to help you select, and why you should consider, a Microsoft Partner and Power Platform Consultant for your modern workplace needs:

  1. Look for a certified Microsoft Solutions Partner that has specializations in more than one area. For example, an ideal partner specializes in Business Applications, Digital and App Innovation, Modern Work and Infrastructure. These specializations demonstrate the partner's broad range of expertise across the Microsoft ecosystem which can help your businesses’ needs now and in the future.

    As a partner that has achieved Solution Partner designations, we know that these achievements require multiple staff members to demonstrate hands-on knowledge and meet specific customer success criteria.

    Another attribute to look out for is what Microsoft calls a Managed Partner. Managed Partners have completed a rigorous vetting process with Microsoft, including technical solution reviews. Achieving this honor allows us to bring Microsoft resources in to help with our customers’ qualifying projects.

    When a partner has qualifications like that, you know you are working with a knowledgeable and competent team of experts who can access additional technical resources at Microsoft to make your most complex projects successful.
  2. If you have your eyes on scalability and expansion, it’s helpful to work with a company who has not only been there but has the myriad of resources needed to get you there. While Withum started with a single location in central New Jersey, Withum is now a national top 25 advisory, tax and audit accounting firm with a revenue of over $413 million and 2,200 team members.

    Within Withum is the Digital and Technology Transformation team, a dedicated group of 50+ professionals who have access to the big firm resources while keeping the small firm feel and agility. The Digital and Technology Transformation team can provide Microsoft white glove service and individualized planning you need, and you will never feel boxed into a cookie-cutter approach. Once your Microsoft needs are taken care of by Microsoft experts and MVPs, your consultants can put you in touch with other professionals who can provide tax guidance, financial services consulting, and more. We are the right size for almost any organization and project, from mid-size to enterprise, and it can start with launching the Power Platform and a scalable Microsoft infrastructure.
  3. Experience, experience, experience! Look for a Microsoft Partner and Power Platform consultant that has been on the cutting edge of Power Platform since its launch and have achieved success designing and developing apps, flows, RPA bots, virtual agents and Power Pages. Withum’s Digital and Technology Transformation team has done that and more for clients ranging from small professional services firms, large not-for-profits and Fortune 500 companies. We have also become trusted advisors in the Power Platform governance space with some of the most well-recognized brands in the U.S. as our clients.

    This breadth of experience is so important because although there are many talented developers and technical folks in the Microsoft Power Platform space, it is vital that they are also architects and visionaries with their eyes on the future. The Withum expertise across the whole Microsoft stack allows us to design scalable, sustainable solutions that deliver true breakthroughs and real ROI for your Microsoft investment.

Oh, and one more thing; look for a Microsoft Partner and Power Platform consultant who is fun to work with – modernization and digital transformation don’t have to be boring. Anyone who has watched our Power Minute might be thinking that we fit the bill there nicely, but I’ll leave that up to you. Maybe I should have started with that one!

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