Prepare Your Business for Sale and a Successful Transaction

It is never too soon to start planning for the purchase or sale of a business. Starting early is key to being prepared, maximizing value, and improving the likelihood of a successfully-closed M&A deal transaction.

Portfolio Company for an Acquisition or Sale:

  • Need help preparing and cleaning up financials before going to market?
  • Are you carving out a line of business?
  • Looking to enter a new market or make a strategic acquisition?

Your M&A deal should leave nothing to chance. It’s critical to know everything about an acquisition target or the impact of separation before getting too deep into the deal.

Withum’s Transaction Advisory team can assist with your transaction readiness with pre-bid advisory and preliminary due diligence, essential to avoid problems later on. The team can help you achieve your goals by performing preliminary synergy and cost analysis, establishing key criteria for targets and buyers and identifying and quantifying key-value levers.

TransactReady®for Business Owners

Preparing your company for sale is no easy undertaking.You might ask yourself, where do we even start? How do we know we are ready? How long is the sales cycle? What is the business worth?What can we do to ensure our reputation and team comes out unscathed after the deal?These questions are just a few of many business owners have when preparing their company for sale.

While many owners are used to selling their product or service every day, marketing their company is a much different challenge. The process of positioning a business for sale is not well understood.That’s why we created TransactReady®. We’ve helped companies through this process countless times and streamlined the process into three phases.TransactReady®, our deal advisory transaction service, will take you through the journey of selling your company, step by step.From a preliminary assessment to the deal process and onto deal execution, we’ll ensure you’re taking the proper actions from when you first consider a transaction until closing.