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The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) was created as a mandatory adoption requirement to establish a standardized, technologically consistent defense posture across the entirety of the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) and Defense Supply Chain (DSC). This is to combat the loss and theft of intellectual property and unclassified but controlled information from DIB and DSC members. The CMMC framework includes a certification requirement – its’ objective being to independently verify the proper implementation of processes and practices directly associated with achieving a cybersecurity maturity level.

CMMC 2.0

Wondering about the recent CMMC changes? Watch this video to learn what’s new and what’s coming for the CMMC 2.0 model.

CMMC Consulting Services

Withum’s CMMC Consulting team is ready to fully prepare your organization for compliance with the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification. With extensive expertise in cybersecurity, we help organizations navigate the complexities of CMMC requirements and formulate a tailored approach to CMMC audit preparation that is appropriate to the organization’s required Maturity Level (i.e., ML1, ML3, etc.).

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Are You Ready for Your CMMC Assessment?

Before CMMC framework specifics are applied, the first step is to assess where your business falls on the cybersecurity readiness spectrum. Withum’s CMMC Consulting team utilizes the same tools and resources to accurately determine your present security posture that we use in providing our cybersecurity advisory clients with security assessment(s), penetration testing and other cyber risk mitigation services. This creates a baseline upon which subsequent preparation measures build secure and compliant practices. The result is a thoroughly documented, CMMC-compliant security framework which will align your company’s technology practices with industry best standards.

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In addition to bringing your organization into documented CMMC compliance, Withum’s CMMC Consulting Services provide a ‘real-world’ tangible benefit by securing your business operations against the hostile cyber environment facing global business in the post-COVID world. Another benefit Withum can offer leverages the high degree of commonality between the NIST 800framework and CMMC Maturity Levels 1, 2, and 3 (ML-1, ML-2, ML-3). With only minimal additional effort, the preparation services for CMMC ML-1 will also prepare you for NIST certification, should that be a desired goal.

Can You Obtain a Waiver of CMMC Requirements?

We are a small business with only a few DOD sub-contracts. It will be a large, expensive effort to meet all standards and practices – can’t we just obtain a waiver of the CMMC compliance requirements?

  • In a word – “No.” In fact, one of the events which recently compromised DOD systems was a so-called “Supply Chain Attack” – wherein the attack payload (malware) was introduced along with a system component or sub-element and is then able to spread to the broader host network, or another network altogether (if attached to an Update-associated object). Once inside, a primary objective is to privilege escalate as covertly as possible and work ever onward to an elevated point in the system’s hierarchy from which it can maximize effect/damage/theft/etc.
  • Small and medium businesses are held to the same rigorous DOD standards as large, multi-national defense contractors and systems integrators.

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