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Selecting the Right ERP System for Your Business

Although an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system can lead to increased savings and profits, it can be quite an investment. There is a plethora of different ERPs out on the market, some better suited than others to accommodate the demands of your company, and thus some that will be a better investment than others.

When considering an ERP implementation, consider the following before making your selection:

Why Have You Decided to Use an ERP System (or Change Your Existing One)?
Did you decide to use an ERP system to better track sales and orders? Or was your decision largely due to a desire to gain insight on data? Whatever your motive was, the ERP solution you select must ultimately satisfy the needs for your organization.

Consider Your Employees
Are your employees tech-savvy? Are they able and willing to adjust to a new system, or do they require a very simple and straight-forward user interface? If your employees are used to and enjoy using a previous system or program and do not wish to adapt to too many changes, look for an ERP system that’s structured similarly.

Calculating the Cost
It goes without saying, but you need to take your budget into account. Implementing a new ERP solution can be quite the investment, however there are often other expenses in addition to the initial costs. Add-ons and the ability to connect other applications/programs to your ERP can cost money and time. Figure out exactly how much the ERP you are looking at will cost in total before making a final decision.

Looking for more information about the cost of an ERP? Download our whitepaper, A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Investing in an ERP Solution, to better understand the cost expectations of an ERP system for your business.

The marketplace and society are changing quickly, and your business and its software needs to be able to adapt. Will your ERP update with a reasonable amount of frequency, or are you going to be left with an old and outdated system in a few years?

Services From Your Vendor
Does your potential ERP vendor offer a guaranteed response time for any issues or any support plans? Making note of the quality of service provided by your vendor and what you can expect will save you quite a bit of frustration down the road.

Looking for an ERP vendor or have general questions about how an ERP system can help you? Contact a Withum consultant online, or give us a call at 212-829-3240.

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