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Picking the Best NetSuite Partner – 4 Things to Know to Ensure Success

You have decided to implement Oracle-NetSuite’s cloud-ERP for your organization. There are numerous solutions, available add-on modules and third-party alternatives that can be overwhelming to manage. Now is the time to consider adding a NetSuite partner or consultant to help you navigate your options and maximize your technology investment.

Selecting the consultant is a critical step in a successful Oracle-NetSuite (NetSuite) deployment; choose carefully. The following criteria will provide greater insight into your proposed NetSuite partner’s background and will help you make an informed decision for your project.

  • NetSuite and Industry experience. What is the knowledge and experience level of the consultants assigned to your project? The consultants should be able to understand the common pain points of your industry and be able to add value to your process.
  • Approach to your requirements and needs. The consultant should be able to articulate a recommended path and methodology to achieve your project goals and objectives. Discuss how their team typically delivers projects like yours and ask to see examples of their work product. Ensure you will have a primary contact over the lifecycle of the project.
  • What is the proposed timeline of the project? Be sure to align the timeline with your company’s priorities or other strategic initiatives. Be sure to understand the impact the timeline and approach will have on your team during the project.
  • Firm’s Background. Know who you are buying from, understand the industries they serve and if their core values align with your company’s values. Most importantly are they NetSuite certified? What do their other clients have to say about their work? Be sure to have a good discussion with their references.

Knowing what your consultant can provide is imperative to your project success. Asking the right questions will avoid being swayed by sales pitches and demos. As a first step, Withum’s NetSuite team are business people first and seek first to understand your challenges.

Reach out to us for a complimentary consultation – we can help ensure you’re on the right path with your NetSuite project.

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