On-Demand Webinar: AdTech – What Comes Next?

Listen in us as our panelists discuss pressing topics and emerging trends in the digital marketing space. At the tail end of 2020, all eyes in the AdTech world were on Q4 and what it would mean in the midst of the new normal. Companies moved to adapt to the virtual environment, preparing for the worst. Now that the dust has settled, the question remains: did Q4 live up to expectations? What was it like for AdTech companies navigating the new normal? Looking forward, what do they anticipate in the months to come?


Zack Dugow Alon Leibovich Brian Shimmerlik Melissa Roth, CPA [Moderator]
 CEO and Founder of Insticator CEO and Co-Founder of BrandTotal CEO and Co-Founder of Vengo Labs Team Leader- AdTech and Digital Media Services, Withum


Discussion Points Include:

  • Comparing the results of Q4 to its anticipated turnout
  • Evaluating current trends in the AdTech marketplace
  • Predictions for Q1 and Q2

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