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First Time Using WEBCON as a Tool for Automation? Consider This

Since I joined Withum last year, WEBCON has been a remarkable tool. WEBCON BPS has proved to be more than just a means to an end, it has improved our business processes and shortened the time spent working in excel sheets. For small to larger businesses looking for a robust platform that can help you achieve process automation without the cost of developing an app for your business needs, WEBCON BPS is the application for you.

WEBCON BPS competes with applications such as Nintex and Powerapps, which may seem like far more sophisticated applications. But WEBCON holds its own against these giants with features such as InstantChange. However, there are some things to consider when working with WEBCON BPS.

Tip #1: Read all the Documentation about WEBCON BPS

As a novice WEBCON BPS user, I realized there isn’t enough awareness out there about it. There aren’t enough user support forums like Stack Overflow, so WEBCONhas forums where users can post, comment, or answer questions posted by other users. They also have a “WEBCON community” platform where they write on navigating the application and functions you can use while creating an application. In addition, WEBCON occasionally provides updates to reflect changes made to the WEBCON Designer Studio. Finally, there are how-to videos and webinars, which are also very helpful. It is essential to familiarize yourself with these platforms because they are the most readily available resources.

Tip #2: Understand your Business Need/Workflow

In my opinion, building Workflows with WEBCON BPS is a lot easier than other common tools. And with the InstantChange feature, you can easily create and change workflows on the go. However, it is essential to know what your business needs are. This understanding helps you build an excellent workflow. When your business needs email notifications or document scans, WEBCAN BPS can implement those needs quickly efficiently. However, there is a learning curve that comes with the implementation of these features.

Tip #3: Play around in WEBCON BPS Designer

WEBCON BPS Designer can be a monster when thrown right into it. But don’t be scared! Basic functionalities such as creating and modifying fields are straightforward; however, they can quickly get complicated. This tip complements tip #2 because a lack of understanding can throw your form into chaos. There is no right way to build intake forms and workflows with WEBCON BPS, and there are no wrong ways either. So far as you are in sync with what is needed, you should be fine. The complexity lies in building on top level of the basic functionalities.

Tip #4: Don’t reinvent the wheel

There are a ton of examples WEBCON (and other users) have provided that cover a lot of the strategies and tactics you can use in your apps. These examples are found as applications in Webcon BPS Designer. These applications contain functions, workflows and configurations that can be easily copied or cloned to create your application.

Tip #5: Connect with WEBCON

The last, and final tip is to make sure you have a reliable connection with WEBCON. WEBCON is headquartered in Europe, and sometimes it is a bit difficult to reach them. However, they do have a US office with truly helpful people ready to assist. So, make sure your company has a good and reliable resource in your respective country. It is a lot easier to reach out to those representatives before going to headquarters. There is also a forum dedicated to the WEBCON community, where users can post or answer questions.


WEBCON BPS is a powerful tool that can quickly and efficiently automate your business processes and in a short amount of time. It also features some pretty cool tricks that make it unique in its way, such as the instant change feature. Therefore, I believe WEBCON, even with less popularity among its competitors, holds its own in the IT community and should be given the attention it deserves.

Author: Kobina Dadzie | [email protected]

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