Case Study: Engineering Firm Modernizes Timesheet Process Through RPA Automation

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Executive Summary

A U.S. engineering firm based on the West Coast was looking for an automated solution for their timesheet review process. Connecting and implementing a Nintex RPA tool to their current timekeeping software and running a bot flow saved the firm a significant amount of time and lessened the possibility of human error.

The Client

The client is a U.S. engineering firm based on the West Coast that specializes in planning, operations, design and research relating to transportation problems. The firm has 26 offices around the U.S. and approximately 250 employees.

The Challenge

The engineering firm was manually reviewing timesheets for all 250 of their employees to ensure time was assigned to the correct project. This extensive process took a significant amount of time to complete every week and left considerable room for error. The review process was strenuous as each timesheet had to be reviewed for accuracy and validation. Even with experienced staff reviewing timesheet submissions, plenty of errors were still getting through. This resulted in incorrect invoicing and increased stress as corrections were then promptly required. The engineering firm processed their timesheets through Deltek Vision software and then ran a report for the current timesheet period. This process produced a large PDF file that consisted of a page for every single employee’s timesheet. Each timesheet was reviewed to ensure labor codes matched up with employees’ titles and projects billed to the correct departments. The process was strenuous and very lengthy.

The Approach And Solution

The engineering firm brought in Withum’s Digital and Technology Solutions Team to help automate its timesheet review process. Withum first helped the firm select a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tool that fit their technical infrastructure. The firm chose Nintex RPA.

The first step was connecting their current Deltek Vision software (used for timekeeping) with the Nintex RPA tool. This was a significant part of the project as they had to use a bot in the Nintex RPA tool to open internet explorer, run and launch the program and then pass in the credentials for the right company and timesheet period.

Once the Withum Team completed the integration process and configured the bot flow to pull the report, they utilized Excel to read their reports and then import them into the RPA tool. Next, the data was reconstructed into a timesheet with the Nintex RPA tool, where it was then reviewed using the desired business logic. The end product is a log of flagged timesheets for the Human Resources team to follow up on.

The Results, ROI

The engineering firm has been an early adopter of the new technology. One of the many benefits of adopting this RPA technology is saving hours spent on reviewing and processing timesheets. This has freed up employees’ time so they can focus on other essential business tasks. There is also less room for human error as they now have a bot flow running in the background that does the heavy lifting for them through the Nintex RPA tool.

The review process is faster, more accurate, and much less time-consuming for key staff.

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