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2017 Nintex Partner Award Winner for Business Process Automation

Our partner, Nintex, a global leader in business process automation, holds an annual awards program to celebrate channel partners of Nintex around the world for successfully developing, designing and deploying automated Nintex workflows and content-centric processes for their customers. This year marks  the 6th continual year for this awards program.
We are very excited to announce that this year Nintex named Withum a winner in the Annual Nintex Partner Awards within the Innovative Solutions – Process Automation category!

We’ve worked with many customers throughout our decade long partnership with Nintex who wanted to get rid of the tiresome, inefficient, manual paper process. What’s worse than relying on the exchange of physical paperwork to conduct business operations? Through Nintex’s leading-edge workflow management software and our business process automation experts, we help companies automate Nintex workflows and content, driving long term productivity and efficiency.

Our Clients’ Success is Our Success

We wouldn’t feel right about being proud of our award without first telling the customer story that highlighted our success. We were working with a client who is one of the largest global research non-profit organizations in the Washington D.C. area. They approached us primarily because they were seeking a better way to run their business processes and operations. The physical paper exchange process they had in place was outdated, not to mention monotonous, and taking up way too much of the employee’s’ time.

Our process automation experts evaluated the organization’s current processes. As it  turned out, most of the organization’s daily operations had relied solely on processes documented only on paper. These ranged from submitting expense requests, to managing contracts with vendors, and planning and measuring their strategic organizational goals and objectives. The good news is, this organization was already deploying Microsoft Office 365 and we had the perfect match for the technology they already had in place. We knew it was time to introduce them to a trusted workflow automation software provider, Nintex Workflow and Forms for Office 365.

Our team created complex state machine workflows using Nintex Workflow for Office 365. We also used Nintex Forms for Office 365 to provide  an engaging, consistent user experience. At the end of this phase of the project, we rolled out a collection of about 7 to 12 solutions configured and implemented, leveraging the Office 365 platform as the basis for enterprise content management; Nintex workflow and forms for business process automation; DocuSign for electronic signature; and integrated with Salesforce CRM for customer management.

The neat thing that came out of this project, (aside from being recognized by Nintex for the award of course!) are the numbers our client  shared with us soon after the workflow implementation. By automating their manual processes, the organization saw a 30 percent decrease in their payment request process and 50 percent reduction in the amount of time spent on grant approval. That is a significant time savings! Think about how much more time your employees would now have to focus on other matters at hand once BPA is part of your organization. The long-term effects scream productivity and profitability.

This Nintex award got us all excited to talk a little bit more about the benefits of automating your manual, labor and time intensive processes.

Why You Need Business Process Automation

Business process automation (BPA) is a game changer for any organization. First and foremost, it’s a time saver, not only for your employees but for clients or outside vendors involved in the process. Second, think about the consistency of your automated processes once they’re defined, designed and set up to your organization’s needs. All the participants and recipients of the end product now know what to expect, since each automation produces a consistent, reliable result. BPA eliminates room for error, while increasing transparency and accessibility to information captured during the process . We’re only human after all and mistakes do happen. Especially when multi-tasking and heavy workloads are present. When business process automation is implemented, the  processes you have in place become reliable and run smoothly, no matter who is managing or involved in the process. Third, you can track, monitor and report data from automated processes through workflow analytics. Analytics help  you make better business decisions. Finally, it all boils down to cost savings. The reduction in resources required to do a manual task, lowers  the associated cost. Business process automation allows you to do more with less.

Thank you, Nintex, for the award. We look forward to sharing more stories of how our partnership helps organizations become more productive, efficient and profitable

Learn more about Nintex business process automation.
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