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With over 30 years of experience in providing advisory and attest services for qualified ERISA and governmental health plans, Matthew is committed to providing value for his clients. He utilizes a forward-thinking mindset to stay ahead in the industry, working with plan sponsors of large and national health plans to mitigate operational and compliance risk. Highly regarded among his peers for his experience evaluating national insurance companies and PBMs, Matthew brings to the table a deep understanding of healthcare claims administration and payment integrity processes.

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As an industry expert, Matthew is a frequent source for journalists reporting on health insurance and PBM administration and compliance errors. He was also recognized as a Smart CPA Accounting Elite by Baltimore Smart CEO Magazine.


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Unveiling the Impact of Auto Adjudication Rates on Insurance Claims Processing

Understanding your insurance carrier’s auto adjudication rate can offer valuable insights into the efficiency of their third-party claims processing. Have you ever inquired about your auto adjudication rate and compared […]

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The Significance of an Administrative Manual in Effectively Managing Employee Health Plans

Within the context of employee health plans, the partnership between a plan sponsor and its administrator holds paramount importance in ensuring seamless operations and prudent management of plan assets. To […]

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Navigating the Transition: Considerations for Self-Insured Plan Sponsors Moving Away from Turn-Key Approaches

When employers opt for self-insurance in managing their group health plans (GHP), they inherently shoulder significant fiduciary responsibilities toward plan participants and beneficiaries. To mitigate fiduciary risk, plan sponsors commonly […]

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