Managing through the COVID-19 business disruption, you’re adapting and stretching your creativity to safeguard business continuity. To thrive in this new reality, companies are rethinking how business gets done. It’s a response of business resiliency – to be nimble in a rapidly evolving business environment.
Resilient businesses recognize opportunity in times of vulnerability. The coronavirus pandemic forced us to to transform our business models as part of a disaster recovery response, and we are better for it. Technology taught us that we can meet the market’s demands and stay connected with those who matter. But, without proper planning and consideration, these new business models will fail to be sustainable in a rapidly changing business environment.
Embrace what you’ve learned. Rethink how business gets done. And let Withum help you prepare for tomorrow.

Start Rethinking How You Do Business

How do you start rethinking your business model? Start with how work gets done. In the new normal of business, it’s about approaching your operations with a scalable and sustainable vision for the future and protecting it along the way. What does that new business model look like? Remote. Secure. Collaborative. Productive.


Your office is wherever you are,as long as you have the right technology.
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Whether at home or in an office, there’s no fear of cyber hacks– you and your data are protected.
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Provide your high-performing teams the tools they need to work together, from wherever.
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Work efficiently and effectively using technology to produce optimum results for your business and your customers.
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Rethink how business gets done.

Returning to work and reopening businesses are pivotal pieces of a post-pandemic business recovery plan. Let the lessons you’ve learned through the COVID-19 disruption shape your business continuity plan and your business operations moving forward.

Watch to find out how Withum can help you rethink how work gets done in the new normal of business.

Solutions for the New Normal of Business

Withum’s Digital and Technology Transformation solutions will help you strengthen your business continuity plan. We’ll help you rethink how business gets done, empowering your teams to work remotely, to share information securely, and to collaborate effectively, regardless of location:

Withum is a forward-thinking, technology-driven advisory and accounting firm, helping clients thrive in this new reality. We offer:

  • Secure cloud-based access to tax documents, financial statements and other important information through our proprietary Withum Experience client portal.
  • Secure and remote auditing with Withum AI audit intelligence platform.
  • Secure and efficient access to K-1s through Withum Taxcess.
Contact us to learn how Withum can help your organization thrive in the New Normal of business.

Client Testimonials Amid the New Normal

Client testimonials received during the crisis, as a result of the guidance Withum shared during the SBA loan process.

“I just wanted to say Thank You for a great job helping us with our Teams rollout. We especially appreciated your flexibility in adapting to our evolving project schedule in response to the pandemic. A couple areas of note are your assistance with our Teams governance plan and Teams Live Events training sessions. We are now fully a Teams company and Skype has been sunset, so “mission accomplished”!”