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Why You Should Innovate with Low-Code Automation

Innovate with Low-Code Automation like Power Apps

Automating your manual processes via custom apps doesn’t need to be complicated. Microsoft Power Apps is a low-code automation platform that simplifies the creation process so you can leverage existing talent on your team, save money, accelerate development and scale quickly.

We work with our clients to empower their employees to become problem solvers by helping them leverage the low-code application platform to build custom apps quickly and easily.

Here are four reasons Power Apps could be right for you:

1. Use Existing Talent

You have talented people on your team – empower them to do more! All your employees can become citizen developers and problem solvers.

  • Learn the intuitive drag-and-drop visual building approach
  • Rely on the managed, pre-built platform with built-in integration
  • Empower existing IT teams to build more solutions, faster with no limits

Withum can partner with you to design, implement and even manage your citizen developer program, providing onboarding and training, adoption and change management advice and even ongoing support.

2. Save Money

Off-the-shelf software is expensive and often has more functionality than you need. Build custom apps the cost-effective way way—saving money in development, creation and future maintenance.

  • Empower productivity with streamlined and automated processes
  • Save over time with a fully managed data platform that requires less maintenance over time
  • Leverage existing investments by integrating with Office 365, Azure, Dynamics 365, and other solutions

The truth is some complex apps just aren’t suitable for citizen developers to build and maintain. We have extensive experience building enterprise-grade Power Apps that provide real business value at a fraction of the cost of packaged software.

3. Accelerate Development

Creating custom apps can take months or even years. But when your business is growing, you need to be agile. With Power Apps, you can build an app in hours.

  • Simplify the process with low-code tools to easily build a prototype, test, learn, and expand
  • Leverage intuitive point-and-click design, and choose from a large selection of templates or start from a blank canvas
  • Launch apps fast, add value continuously, and make improvements as needed

Keep in mind though that proper Application Lifecycle Management is critical in enabling your organization to go from concept to launch quickly. Withum can help you establish the processes that will get you over the finish line in record time.

4. Scale

As your business grows, your apps need to grow with you. It’s also vital that you keep up with security and compliance requirements. Scale while also staying on top of management.

  • Develop at scale without sacrificing quality, security, or control—no matter how many apps you are building
  • Leverage enterprise-grade administrative and governance features with one centralized view of all apps
  • Save time with a fully managed data platform to scale faster and minimize future maintenance

You can’t scale what you can’t govern, and you can’t govern what you don’t know about. We can help you establish a Power Platform Center of Excellence that will organize, monitor, and nurture the growth of Power Platform in your organization BEFORE it gets out of hand!

Check out this infographic for a quick recap of why your business should innovate with Power Apps.

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