Preparing for Tax Season – How Withum Can Help You

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Preparing for Tax Season – How Withum Can Help You

Busy season is almost here. Now, more than ever, we at Withum are prepared to assist our clients. Here are some new developments we want to share with you so we can provide you with the best service this tax season.

Stay Informed

With new tax proposals on the horizon, it is important to stay up-to-date on current developments. Our staff makes it a priority to remain informed and are prepared for upcoming changes. Read and hear about recent news and tax planning opportunities that may affect you from the eyes of Withum’s thought leaders in our Knowledge Center.

Tax Planning

Our firm does not want you to have any surprises this tax season! Therefore, it is important to begin planning before the end of the fiscal year. Proper planning will enable our teams to more effectively serve your needs. If you would like a tax projection, please contact us.

New Technology

Our staff incorporates technology into their everyday processes to more effectively collaborate with you. Withum has begun utilizing Box for secure cloud file sharing. In addition, Box has an app that allows for sharing files anywhere. Register on Box and start sharing information with our staff now: click here!

New Tax Services

Within our Private Client Services Group, our staff is equipped with the tools to assist you with many services you may require. Our firm now offers services cyber secure and financial planning services to accompany our tax services. Our team will provide you with professional guidance so that you are prepared for the future. Take a look at the link below to see what services we offer!


These strategies will help us to remain organized and better prepared for this tax season. Our clients play a key role in our processes and we aim to assist in a timely and effective manner. With full confidence, Withum is sufficiently prepared to tackle tax season!

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