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Daniel is a member of the firm’s Private Client Services group and leads the Founders and Technology Executives group. His experience includes individual, estate and trust tax compliance at both the Federal and state levels. He regularly assists clients with income and estate tax planning.

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qsbs quick bites video series
QSBS Quick Bites

QSBS Quick Bites is a video series to help founders and tech executives understand the eligibility requirements for QSBS as well as different strategies you can employ to maximize your tax savings.

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Man with laptop in office, stock market, selling stock
Harvesting Tax Losses

Tax loss harvesting is an income tax planning strategy that involves selling investments at a loss with the intent to offset capital gain income. This strategy is beneficial to taxpayers […]

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Crypto coins with a tech background.
The Crypto Conundrum: Abandonment, Staking and Tax Regulations

The world of digital assets and cryptocurrency has seen tremendous growth and innovation over the past decade, leading to an array of financial opportunities and complexities. As the adoption of […]

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