On-Demand Webinar: Tax Planning for New Law Firm Partners and Shareholders

Upon promotion to partner at a law firm, lawyers experience changes in the ways in which they are taxed for their income. From changes in withholdings to new state filing requirements to changes in the timing in which your taxes are due, there are numerous considerations partners must plan for in their financial lives.

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This on-demand webinar includes a discussion led by Hal Margolit, Natalie Chance, and Nisha Bhanushali of Withum’s Law Firm Services team, highlighting the changes in tax and financial considerations for newly promoted partners and shareholders at law firms of various entity types, including Partnerships/LLCs, S Corporations and C Corporations.

View our on-demand webinar to:

  • Understand how partners’ tax responsibilities differ at law firms of various tax structures
  • Prepare for business income/deduction reporting on Federal and state returns
  • Comprehend the reporting responsibilities for equity vs. non-equity partners
  • Recognize the impact of pass-through entity taxes on law firm partners

Meet the Presenters

Hal Margolit


Princeton, NJ - Corporate Headquarters

Nisha Bhanushali

Manager - Withum

Natalie Chance

Senior Manager - Withum