On-Demand Webinar: Stay Productive at Home with Microsoft 365

Best Practices for Working from Home During Time of Crisis – How Microsoft 365 Can Help

Please join us for an informative webinar to learn about best practices for managing working from home and how to leverage the power of Microsoft 365 to improve business continuity, productivity and security during a crisis.

Times are certainly changing thanks to COVID-19, putting a serious strain on businesses and how they operate.

Now more than ever, giving your employees the ability to efficiently and effectively work remotely is crucial. You need systems and tools in place to not just provide the flexibility and make communication and collaboration effective but to also not undermine security or stability.

In this interactive webinar, Withum’s Daniel Cohen-Dumani and Adam Levithan shares how Microsoft 365 can contribute to successful remote work when it comes to people, data and content.

Viewers Will Learn About

  • People – Feeling connected, reducing distraction when working from home
  • Data – Making it available wherever you are
  • Content – Sharing the right way so it doesn’t live on everyone’s computers