On-Demand Webinar: Global Summit 2022 Keynote

On the final stop for our virtual Global Summit Series, Withum’s International Team proudly presents Dr. Kevin Lyons, Supply Chain Management Department and Director, Public Private Community Partnerships of Rutgers Business School, on a deep dive into how climate change will affect culture and global supply chains.

Listen in as Dr. Kevin Lyons provides insight into how the global community can start to think about what we can do together to minimize the impacts of climate change on our culture and the supply chains that also connect us. From this presentation international and domestic companies can gain a better understanding on how these impacts may surface in their day-to-day operations as well as long term company profits.

Viewers Will Learn About

  • The Negative Impacts of Climate Change on Culture, Cultural Heritage and Cultural Rights Impacts on cultural practices:
    • Disruption of cultural life
    • Loss of stability
    • Destruction of resources, both built and natural
    • Displacement
    • Threatened local/traditional knowledge and practices
    • Fading accuracy of seasonal and place-based knowledge
  • Climate Change and Supply Chain Impacts:
    • Declining Supplies
    • Workplace Disruptions
    • Transportation Risks
    • Rising Costs
    • How Can Supply Chains Respond?