On-Demand Webinar: The Changing Landscape of Vehicle Sales

Up until now, automobile dealerships have been able to sell electric vehicles without having to make a specific investment for the right to do so.

Historically, dealers have been able to sell commercial, internal combustion, and electric vehicles. With the new OEM endeavors and the associated investment expectations being placed upon dealerships, it begs the question, “how will this changing landscape impact the market as a whole?”

Join Seth Dobbs, Esq. of Aboyoun Dobbs, LLC and Tom Reck of Withum as they discuss the myriad of issues being faced by automobile dealers as the direct-to-consumer sales model is embraced by manufacturers such as Ford and challenges the well-established franchisor/franchisee relationship.

Meet Our Presenters

Tom Reck

CPA/ABV, CFF, Partner - Withum

Seth L. Dobbs

Partner - Aboyoun Dobbs LLC