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Fly the Flag and a Say a Prayer on Memorial Day


Memorial Day weekend marks the traditional beginning of the Summer season. It is usually a festive weekend celebrated with going to the beach, BBQs, watching parades, hanging around parks, wearing shirts and hats with the American flag and other displays of patriotism. This year it will be a little different because of the pandemic, but nevertheless Memorial Day will be celebrated.

The celebration overshadows the real purpose of Memorial Day which is to remember those that gave their lives for the freedom we enjoy today. It should be a solemn day and if Memorial Day was organized by a religious organization we would spend some time in houses of worship, visiting gravesites and remembering the ultimate sacrifices made by our brave armed forces. At some point there was a shift to festivities, but that shouldn’t distract us from the original purpose of this day. So, take a moment on Monday to remember the meaning of the day and say a prayer. Some suggest a national moment at 3:00 pm, however, stop anytime during the day and give grateful thanks to the blessed memories of those that died in the nation’s, and our, service.

Another suggestion is to fly the flag starting on Saturday through Monday night. Fly the flag proudly!

America and the American people are truly beautiful! God Bless America!

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