PEI’s Biennial Fees and Expenses 2020 Survey Released

Who Pays What? The Tug of War Between LPs and GPs

Withum has partnered with Troutman Pepper and PEF Services to release PEI’s Biennial Fees and Expenses Survey. The 2020 report examines how funds are allocating fees and expenses between GPs and LPs.

The 2020 report showcases several emerging trends including:

  • The ILPA effect
  • Role of the LPAC
  • Fund term extension issues
  • Conflicts over co-investment
  • Outsourcing costs

Expert Commentary

Read about Tom Angell’s optimistic outlook on co-investment in Private Funds CFO Expert Commentary here.

In 2020, the more straightforward an investment, the better.

Tom Angell
Partner, Practice Leader, Financial Services

Podcast Spotlight

Listen in as Withum’s Steve Brady interviews Tom Angell, Partner and Financial Services Practice Leader, on the latest trends and the key findings from the 2020 Private Funds CFO: Fees and Expenses Survey.

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