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It seems like every time you’re neck deep in the flood of day-to-day business details, you’re asked by fellow managers, ownership or the Board of Directors, “How are we doing?” While this seems like a simple enough question, there lie many devils in the details. The key is being able to communicate above the day-to-day minutiae and create a strong executive summary of the important numbers. Creating a simple one- or two-page flash report allows an informed user to easily see the true picture of your company’s performance and its position in the marketplace.

Liquidity, productivity, and profitability are indeed what any CFO or business owner should think about on a daily basis. Because Withum’s accounting and assurance professionals get to know your business systems and needs intimately over time, a “flash report” of quick, thorough analysis on a specific factor can easily be generated by us at any time to communicate top-level details of your company in strong, clear, concise language. For example, a “Liquidity” flash report covers the basic responsibility of a company’s finance department: do we have enough cash to be open tomorrow? “Productivity” ties the performance of a firm’s operations to its financial performance. And “Profitability” provides an indication of how much money the company has made. Withum professionals know that these numbers don’t just reflect activity—they can be used to predict and prevent issues as well, allowing us to guide you fully in areas of profit improvement, cash flow, the economy, financing and best business practices.

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