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Azure AD Connect 1.x Is Retiring – What You Need to Know 

Earlier this spring, Microsoft announced that they are retiring and ending support on all Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) Connect 1.x versions.

On August 31, 2022, all 1.x versions of Azure AD Connect will be retired because they include SQL Server 2012 components that will no longer be supported.

What Does This Mean?

While many components in Azure AD Connect will continue to work past the deadline to upgrade, there may be technical difficulties once Microsoft depreciates the authentication library necessary to keep the AD synch operational.  Azure AD Connect will eventually stop working and therefore accounts created or disabled on-premises will no longer sync to Microsoft 365. This will cause the hybrid environment to break.  Additionally, if you do not upgrade, you will also expose your company to security risks until you upgrade to Azure AD Connect version 2. 

Learn more about the Azure Ad Connect 1.x retirement.

While end of life for AD Connect 1.x is August 21, some AAD Connect components will start to depreciate in June. To prevent any outages and downtime, we recommend upgrading your environment before June 2022 to the latest version (which requires Windows 2016 or newer).  As of now, we’re seeing this upgrade take about eight hours to complete.

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