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2019: Another Year of Multiple State Minimum Wage Changes

Depending on what state you are in (such as New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Florida), before you start celebrating the New Year, be sure to adjust your minimum wage as 2019 minimum wage changes have been announced.

What is Minimum Wage?

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requires certain employers, as defined by the law, to pay a minimum wage for all hours an employee is suffered or permitted to work. Individual cities and states can choose to set their minimum wages at higher rates than that of the federal minimum wage rate,  which is currently $7.25.

Multiple states have enacted legislation increasing minimum wage increases. According to the Labor Law Center and the Economic Policy Institute, if your business operates in the below-bolded states, the following minimum wages will be in effect:

State Minimum Wage
Alabama $7.25
Alaska $9.89
Arizona (Jan 1, 2019) $11.00
Arkansas (Jan 1, 2019) $9.25
California (Jan 1, 2019) $12.00
Colorado (Jan 1, 2019) $11.10
Connecticut $10.10
Delaware (Oct 1, 2018) $8.75
District of Columbia (Jul 1, 2019)
Non tipped employees
Tipped employees
Non tipped employees
Tipped employees
Georgia $7.25
Hawaii $10.10
Idaho $7.25
Illinois $8.25
Indiana $7.25
Iowa $7.25
Kansas $7.25
Kentucky $7.25
Louisiana $7.25
Maine (Jan 1, 2019) $11.00
Maryland $10.10
Massachusetts (Jan 1, 2019) $12.00
Michigan $9.25
Minnesota $9.86
Mississippi $7.25
Missouri (Jan 1, 2019) $8.60
Montana $8.50
Nebraska $9.00
Nevada $8.25
New Hampshire $7.25
New Jersey
Non tipped employees
Tipped employees
New Mexico $7.50
New York (Dec 31, 2018)
NYC 11 or more employees
NYC 10 or less employees
Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester Counties
North Carolina $7.24
North Dakota $7.25
Ohio $8.55
Oklahoma $7.25
Oregon (Jul 1, 2019) $11.25*
Pennsylvania $7.25
Rhode Island (Jan 1, 2019) $10.50
South Carolina $7.25
South Dakota $9.10
Tennessee $7.25
Texas $7.25
Utah $7.25
Vermont $10.78
Virginia $7.25
Washington (Jan 1, 2019) $12.00
West Virginia $8.75
Wisconsin $7.25
Wyoming $7.25

Rates based on the Labor Law Center
*Rates based on the Economic Policy Institute
**Rates based on Florida Department of Economic Opportunity

Under Executive Order 13838, the minimum wage rate will increase January 1, 2019, to $10.60 for those that perform work on or in connection with covered Federal contracts.

If you are unclear how these changes will affect you and your business, please contact one of our Withum team members by filling in the form below.

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