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Introducing a new video series tailored to Real Estate professionals on trending topics in the Real Estate industry, tax subjects and more!

Seeking relevant information in your Real Estate realm? Withum’s Michael Hurwitz answers and asks questions to other Withum experts throughout this series giving you the latest news and tips applicable to your business, with his 30 years’ experience in the Real Estate Tax arena. His goal is to spread awareness and encourage other real estate professionals to be asking the hard questions and thinking outside of their normal tax and advisory services. Tune in for more episodes!

REITs Unraveled: Everything You Need to Know

In this first episode of Real Talk, Michael Hurwitz and Dave Springsteen, answer all questions around REITs! They will discuss the different types of public and private REITs, the ease of reporting dividend income, executing transactions, and who should be investing.

Exploring the Potential of Deferred Exchanges in Real Estate

Michael Hurwitz and Dave Springsteen explore the opportunities, benefits, requirements and resources around a Deferred Exchange.

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