Quite a few people read my blogs but I sometimes wonder who they are. The blogs are focused on providing “free” information to clients and also to present my expertise in certain areas of their concern. Occasionally I offer a free handout to see who requests them.

I am surprised that most of the requests for handouts come from other accountants. I am flattered that colleagues read my blogs and glad to comply with the requests. Withum set up a special email address for me so my regular Outlook inbox doesn’t get overloaded with the requests – [email protected]. I try to respond daily, but occasionally I am not available and at other times the requests are too voluminous to be able to respond right away to all of them, but I eventually get to them, usually within a few days.

I understand that most of my clients do not subscribe to the blogs so what I do when the blog contains information I think they would appreciate is that I send it to them, and I do this in one of two ways.

  1. When I want someone to see it quickly, I usually email them a link. Sometimes I copy and paste the blog as a message. If the links are for more than two blogs, I usually put the blogs in a PDF file and email that to them. I then follow up a few days later to see if they have any questions.
  1. The second thing I do is print it, put it in an envelope and postal mail it to my client, or prospective client. I like mailing things and it also provides “something” tangible they could read and perhaps share with family or business associates. Usually, I mail it from my office and it is franked with a postage meter. Other times I mail it using my own stamps with a topic I think the recipient would appreciate. Almost every envelope with my stamps has at least 2 half-cent Benjamin Franklin stamps. Where possible I use stamps that refer to the interest of the recipient or their industry. When I mail something to a CPA I always use the 1987 CPA stamp. When my supply of special stamps gets low I purchase what I need from a stamp dealer. Sometimes, I just want to use varied commemorative stamps and those I also purchase from a stamp dealer or on eBay.

The post office has a rule that you cannot use stamps on envelopes weighing more than 11 ounces without taking them to a post office and handing them to a postal clerk. In those cases, I use a 1 cent printed label from my firm’s postage meter machine. That establishes the identity of the sender and I avoid a trip to the post office.

I like writing blogs and sharing things I believe will benefit my readers. I also coddle myself and sometimes write about something offbeat, a non-business topic, my firm or about a personal interest I have, and appreciate that readers indulge me with this. This is probably one such non-business blog, but I actually explained how I market using this blog for those interested in writing their own blogs, so perhaps it is not such an indulgence. Also, I appreciate calls about what I post, so do not hesitate to contact me. Sometimes those calls even result in added business, so that is a good bonus for me.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Do not hesitate to contact me with any business or financial questions at [email protected] or fill out the form below.

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