The First Debates

Last night, like over 100 million other people I watched the first debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. I enjoyed it and it met many of my expectations and preconceived notions – good and bad.

There are so many issues to consider. However, there are two points that I have written about previously and want to re-emphasize. One deals with the Supreme Court and the other about the undecided bloc.

Supreme Court
While presidents come and go and wield great power, their selections for the Supreme Court will in some cases last more than a generation after their term or terms are over. Whatever your proclivity, you need to consider the type of person the next president will select for the Supreme Court and if they will lead America into the direction you want. Your vote for the individuals running should look past their personalities and proposals or lack of substance, but their underlying beliefs and how they will be manifested in their Supreme Court nominations. This choice will have a direct and major effect on all of us.

The Middle Bloc
C. Northcote Parkinson, known for his management laws suggested that “in nearly every matter of controversy, we can assume that the people who will decide will be in the middle bloc.” By my way of reckoning there are two pretty equal large blocs that will vote Democratic or Republican regardless of what the candidates do or say or even who they are. It is the smaller undecided and open minded bloc wanting to hear both sides present their proposed solutions before they make their decisions. That is who the candidates need to usually focus on.

One of the problems facing every campaign is disinterest or lack of enthusiasm by the faithful in their candidate and who may decide to stay home on Election Day. Because of this the candidates need to also focus their attention somewhat away from the middle bloc and charge up their base. This diffuses their message and resources making their success more difficult, costly and less predictable.

Regardless of how you feel, voting is a sacred privilege and you should vote at each opportunity. This year the candidates present clear differences and you need to fulfill your responsibility. Vote on Election Day. Vote like your life depends on it and certainly the quality of your life. It does!

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