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The Tigger House Foundation was founded in 2013 by Lisa, Rick and Alex Stavola, in honor of Rick Stavola Jr., (“Tigger”) who lost his battle with addiction at 25 years old. The Stavola family, along with Christian Peter (Tigger’s sponsor), have courageously decided to take a stand to fight the opiate and heroin epidemic by providing treatment, education, outreach, and hope to those who are serious about recovery.

Tigger House Foundation (THF) encourages those wanting help to seek treatment and be able to lead healthy lives in long-term recovery by helping remove barriers to recovery and eliminating the stigma associated with addiction.

THF is currently funding recovery specialists and addiction counselors in the Emergency Departments (ED) of Monmouth Medical Center and Riverview Medical Center, both in New Jersey. The use of recovery specialists in the ED is a critical component of treatment and helps to engage patients who voluntarily seek assistance with their opiate use disorder. Peers provide navigation and advocacy for patients helping to foster both early and long-term recovery.

Since the launch of the Tigger Addiction Recovery Program in March 2017, our recovery specialist were deployed 134 times to patients who are moving to the next level of care at a rate of 96%!

Due to the success of this program, New Jersey will launch the addition of recovery support services and linkages to substance abuse disorder treatment for individuals with opioid use within 11 hospitals by July 2018.

THF has also partnered with health care providers to support education lectures, school seminars and in homes, presenting to approximately 600 attendees. The foundation continues to build and implement new programs to help educate the community and raise awareness. The Christian Peter Mentoring program is designed to help employers and their managers address addiction in the workplace.

Tigger House Foundation (THF) is now dedicating their time and funds to build a Long Term Comprehensive Wellness and Recovery Facility. This facility will set a new standard of care for those seeking long term sobriety and getting their life back. Their goal is to empower the recovering students in our community – educating and improving their self-confidence, decision-making skills, and interpersonal relationships.

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Rick, Lisa and Alex Stavola
Benefactor and Founders
Tigger Foundation

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