Senior Living Healthcare Technology

More than ever, technology is improving the care senior living providers deliver to residents. Recent technology advances have opened the door to new possibilities for keeping residents healthier, streamlining clinical communication and improving the quality and efficiency of care. As a result, resident expectations continue to change. With many more options available to them, residents are looking for facilities that offer the technological comforts of home.

Technology has made it possible to collect, record and analyze data faster and more accurately. Facilities can deliver care to residents in remote locations and improved monitoring systems provide real-time data for better care decisions. The collection of patient data over extended periods of time is now being used to enable preventive care and allow for diagnosis of complications. Among the benefits are improved communications between patients and their care teams and quicker response times in medical emergencies.

Technology in the senior living space has not only improved resident care but can also improve satisfaction and reduce costs. Many senior living facilities have begun to tailor their technology initiatives around predictive resident behaviors. Monitoring systems are increasingly being utilized to provide staff with insights into resident health. Investment in technological improvements not only improves a resident’s quality of life but also enable the resident to have control over their physical environment. Voice activation technology is just one of many advances being utilized by senior living facilities. Allowing residents to switch on or off lights from bed by just speaking or being able to talk to a personal voice assistant device to adjust the television are just two examples that bring increased comfort to seniors. Other facilities are using technology to ensure resident safety. Whether it’s improved surveillance, pass-key-activated security doors or embedded chips in resident devices, providers are continuously looking for ways technology can increase physical security of residents and facilities.

As residents become more tech-savvy, senior living and other healthcare providers will continue to invest in technology. Their investment choices will be a key factor in their future success.

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