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Sector Distribution of Major Stock Indexes

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This table shows the sectors represented in each of the three major exchange-traded funds – SPY, DIA, and QQQ.  These funds track the three major indexes – The S&P 500 Index, The Dow Jones Industrial Average and the NASDAQ 100.  Also shown is the sector distribution if equal amounts were invested in the three indexes.

These amounts are as of the market close on May 3, 2019.

Index S&P 500 DJIA NASDAQ Equal Investments in Each Index
Ticker Symbol: SPY DIA QQQ
Information Technology 21.69% 19.11% 44.82% 28.54%
Healthcare 13.77% 12.74% 7.70% 11.40%
Financials 13.24% 14.94% .28% 9.49%
Consumer Discretionary 10.29% 12.40% 16.72% 13.14%
Communication Services 10.29% 4.93% 21.88% 12.37%
Industrials 9.50% 21.53% 2.44% 11.16%
Consumer Staples 7.18% 7.97% 5.77% 6.97%
Energy 5.02% 4.99% 3.34%
Utilities 3.20% .34% 1.18%
Real Estate 2.98% .99%
Materials 2.63% 1.36% 1.33%
Total 99.79% 99.98% 99.95% 99.91%

Each index has a different purpose, composition, and method of calculation but the combined indexes with equal investments present a pretty good representation of these stock indexes.  However, I do not believe the table reflects the entire economy since real estate and commodities do not appear to be adequately represented; and these indexes only cover large-cap companies.  Further, there are separate indexes for each asset sector and mid and small cap companies.

Enjoy this table.  I found the information interesting and hope you do too.

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