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Sage Intacct vs Quickbooks: When to Make the Switch

As a small business, it is commonplace to become accustomed to how the state of your business currently works.

It is small enough where workarounds and manual processes do not impose a great degree of additional demands or limitations on operations.

Tools like Quickbooks Enterprise or Quickbooks Online were likely a good fit for you for some time. However, as the business grows, what was once a small inconvenience can develop into something that is either unmanageable or inflexible for the new volumes of data and business needs. While Quickbooks has served you well thus far, there is a limit to its scalability. This is where you probably started asking yourself: When is the right time to make a switch to a more robust system, like Sage Intacct?

Here Are a Few Indicators That You’ve Outgrown Quickbooks:

There may be a need for data that is increasing in complexity to be accessed in real-time or to be analyzed in new ways, and to become more automated in both how it flows throughout the system and produces reports.

If your company is in a position to seek investors, expand financial visibility, change operations, rise in sales, or increase internal resources, then a system upgrade may be needed to meet the new challenges ahead. With new challenges, the decision-makers must be equipped with relevant KPIs as they become less involved in the weeds, and staff should be supported on automating processes to direct their responsibilities on more high-value activities.

If you also find that your company is taking work “offline” from the primary system, such as relying on excel and other 3rd party applications in order to perform their job – this may be a sign that your business has long outgrown the current system.

Need help deciding which platform makes sense for your business? Contact Withum’s ERP consultants.

While considering a switch to Intacct, it is important to identify the functionalities it possesses that can help a business rise to the next level:

  • Click not code manual process automation
  • More dimensions to segment and deliver your data in real-time
  • Unlock valuable insights to help you plan smarter
  • Simplified consolidation reporting mechanisms
  • User-friendly custom report writers
  • Unlimited user counts with varying user license models

Author: Kim Gordon, MAcc | kgordon@withum.com

Business and Management Consulting

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